Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Land of Frenchies and Scots???

Paris is a place to behold. 1 day is not nearly enough to explore everything this amazing city has to offer. I only managed to spend 5 hours in the louvre and just barely scratched the surface. Saw the arc de triumph, eiffel tower, champs el laise, etc... One thing i never thought i would see in france is the amount of guys running around with kilts on. Yes the scots are in town and they let everybody know it. The rugby world cup is going on here and france is playing scotland tonight. Think I might go to a bar and watch. There were about 2,000+ scottish rugby fans at the eiffel tower drunk as ever at 4pm, singing and cheering to just about anything. They pretty much took the place over. Outside of that, they speak a lot of french here and despite what people think, they are pretty friendly. Huh, who would have thought. Off tomorrow for the last 5 hour train trip of this little adventureand then back to US and A.


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