Sunday, September 9, 2007

Chinque Terra and Torino

Now that I am out on my own until Friday I decided to see a bit more of Italy. After 2 nights in a small town near chinque terra called Bassia (worst hostel by far, imagine a bell ringing every half hour right outside your window) I have headed up to Torino to take in the sights of this ancient city and see where the 2006 olymipcs were held. It is pretty cool with grand piazzas and palaces but a little to posh to spend more than one day here. Tomorrow I think I am going to head up to Lake Como to see what all the fuss is about. I have heard it is nice and maybe I will run into George Clooney or some other famous faces. Anyways, after Italy I am going to head up to Paris for 2 nights to meet up with a friend and visit the Louvre. Should be amazing, I cant wait. After that it is back to Amsterdam to catch the early morning flight back to the states. Although I think this trip so far has excited me to see what else the world has to offer, I think I am ready to take off from europe. Next year is hopefully a motorcycle and who knows after that. Justin, you still planning on Alaska by motorcycle? Hope everyone is doing well, miss you all.


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