Sunday, September 2, 2007

Interlaken, Switzerland

Hey everyone!, we're now in Switzerland. Yesterday we took the cable car up to the summit of L'Aguille du Midi. I've never been on a cable car before so this was a terrifying initiation but well worth it. We met some folks at the top from Palm Springs who were here for a week and then on to somewhere in Switzerland for three more. I wanted to ask what the hell they do that they can just take off like that but instead told them how I'd never been on a cable car before, which they enjoyed. Patrick did some laundry and I booked a single room at the Best Western to save a few euros; the room came with two twins anyway, and we snuck out in the morning. Americans 1, French 0. Heck yeah! The train from Chamonix to Martigny, Switzerland was something out of a mix of the Sound of Music and the Lord of the Rings with a sprinkle of ginger bread houses. Just amazing views and perilous heights. The lakes in Interlaken are a sea-green/blue/undescribable. Up until a few months ago there was a train that ran practically straight up into a mountain but mudslides have since shut it down. Met a guy named Paul from Australia, between Sydney and Melbourne, that has spent the last year of his life traveling the world. We played ping-pong for about an hour and just listened to his stories of how he worked at Beaver Creek, CO for a few months, loved Edinburgh, and can't wait to get to Thailand. We're planning another death-march/hike tomorrow that will get us above 3000m again with some ridiculous views of Jungfraujoch. Hope all is well back home. -Kevin

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