Sunday, September 9, 2007

Bedford, NH, USA

Back home! Admittedly, I could easily have spent another week, two weeks, a few months traveling. It's always great to sleep in my own bed but the traveling mentality - and not working through a daily routine - is certainly a refreshing way to burn the hours. And with all the ridiculous sites I encountered out there the most memorable moments were meeting all the different people.

Going through the 350 pictures I took it's easy to see why people travel and even before I got home I already started planning another jaunt out into the world. Pat left a pair of shorts in Germany so I may head out to Montana in next few months. (I've been saying that for the last few years).

At this point it's time to list my "Best of" Awards so here goes. Pat you need to weigh in here too. I'd have to say the best destination is Chamonix, France for it's stark beauty and the mountains that frame it. The best spot to people watch (with Belgian waffles) is the Grand Place in Brussels. The best bar: Goupil le Foy in Brussels. Best restaurant: Mukkefuck in Garmish-Partenkirchin, Germany. Best Hostel: Backpacker's Villa, Interlaken, Switzerland because we met people with the best stories there; like Paul from Australia who'd been traveling for an entire year; and Lauren, a korean who'd seen more of the U.S. than I have, and because it had the best set-up and cleanest rooms - in my book it is a hotel. Worst Bar: Hooters again, in Interlaken. Ok so this isn't an exhaustive list but whatever. Other places to check out are L'Archduc in Brussels (too high-class for these guys but supposedly a sweet jazz bar. You have to ring a door bell to get in); Dan Murphy's Irish bar in A'dam and Vondelpark also in A'dam; and, according to a guy we met in Switzerland there's an outdoor movie theater just south of Latern Restaurant in Interlaken that shows Swiss patriotism movies with english subtitles and it sounded pretty sweet.

I woke up late last night at home and had no idea where I was and that only rarely happens to me. I'm already feeling the itch to get back out there and it's going to kill me. If anyone's been on a kick-ass trip lately let me know; I need some ideas for the next go-around.

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