Thursday, August 23, 2007

Stuff, Stuff, and more Stuff

Well, I'm leaving tomorrow on a jet plane and I DO know when I will be back again. I think that is how the song goes. I've packed my bag about four times, making sure I did not forget anything. I am not sure what Kevin has until I see him when I get there, but I am sure he is in the same boat I am. I'll leave this picture of my bags here for you to get an idea of what I am dealing with. Big one for stuff, little one for not so much stuff. I'll have a report sometime after I get to Amsterdam. I'd like to leave this quote from my brother Evan who said, "Just because there is a red light doesn't mean you have to stop."

Check ya'll later.


Tucker said...

I am going to go ahead and disagree with your brother..... when there is a red light you do have to stop, especially when it is in a place like Amsterdam.

Justin said...

coffee shops + van gogh museums = bliss

evan said...

Red light, green light, they all look the same when your blurry eyed

evan said...

Good Luck
Sucks about your bag, go have some "coffee"

chuck&patty said...

so everyone knows...they made it over thre ok....sans PW's backpack, thats to NWA & KLM.
They were going to stay up as long as possible to try o beat jetlag. PW said that the Heinie (that's beer) tasted better there. He also siad that the city is very liberal, pot and hash in the bars, cafes and clubs and the "ho's" are dancin in the windows...I think he's mistaken...they probably have live mannequins in the show windows!!!
Hopefully they will take the time to blog us all tomorrow.
dad&mom L

Danny said...

Where's my backpack?